Beauty is More than Skin Deep

I love talking to women to learn how they express their best self through creativity, relationships and being in the world in their unique way. This summer I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Anne Kearny Cooke, who shares my interest in helping women vitalize their relationship with themselves: body and soul. I share this interesting video by Dr. Cooke about beauty and self, and encourage you to watch (about 6 minutes) if you want to learn the powerful secret of a healthy body image.

Is that what you expected? Check in with yourself and ask---how did you feel as you realized the ingredients in the patch? Did you feel amazed, angry, curious, relieved?  

I want to tell you, it is possible. It is possible to discover that you already contain everything you need to heal and accept yourself. It is possible to recover from emotional wounds that have been festering for too long in your life. It is possible to change how you view yourself and live in the world with deep peace, vitality and balance.

Here are a few things to consider to begin invigorating acceptance and love for yourself:

  • Observe, speak and write 3 things a day that you love about yourself, inside and out - what we practice we strengthen.
  • Practice accepting compliments without adding a negative statement. For example, simply say "Thanks" instead of "Thanks, but [some reason to negate the compliment]". This allows the possibility of your greatness to settle in the brain.
  • Notice good things in other people and tell them.  Sharing affirmations strengthens relationships and increases positive flow of hormones.
  • Grab a thought when you put yourself down about anything and replace it immediately with a positive truth.  This can help re-wire the brain to be more positive over time.

Remember, you are the change that you seek. If you want to feel more beautiful, loving, involved, creative— start thinking and acting as if you are already there!


If you struggle with issues related to self-perception, body image, relationship to food the Center for Vitality is here to help.

Therapy is a safe space to tell your story and to begin to heal from the negative thoughts that affect your ability to be confident and free in your life. If symptoms of anxiety or depression appear in response to events in your life, please call (630) 286-0993 today for a consultation and start your journey towards acceptance and joy.

Healing Touch can help clear congested or negative thinking trapped in the body. A gentle and powerful energetic therapy, Healing Touch may assist you in release emotional tension and increase your peace and well-being. Healing Touch appointments are available for remote or distance healing.

Nutrition Counseling and Education can help improve your relationship with food as we explore how to nourish yourself to energize not just your body, but your mind, emotions and spirit as well.  Please call (630) 286-0993 for a free consultation about how this service can help you reach your goals and create your best health.