I love to clean house…

… to disco music!

I can’t deny it— the rhythm and upbeat lyrics of most disco music suddenly invigorates even the dullest task. My absolute favorite tune is “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang. I like it because it is an injunction to decide to celebrate— to take a look at what’s going on and choose to make a good time of it. Who knew disco could remind me to offer gratitude for the people and events in life?

May is a month filled with potential for celebration: May Day, Mother’s Day, Graduations and Memorial Day. Many reasons to reach into the heart and find reasons to be grateful for fresh seasons, accomplishments and what others have done for us. However, finding reasons to celebrate can be challenging at times. Life brings us all kinds of disappointment, losses and hardship. In those moments, it can be difficult to express appreciation for anything. The beauty of the human mind and heart is that we can change how we feel by choosing new thoughts and behaviors. If we choose gratitude, love and celebration we begin to feel a lightness of spirit and body.

Incorporating More Celebration in Your Life

  • Keep a daily log of five things you are grateful for; review log once a month and notice any patterns you find! This can change your point of view from things happening “to you” as things happening “for you” This can decrease depression and increase well-being.
  • Write a note (or email) to someone you appreciate. See what happens to your heart as you share love and gratitude towards someone else. Making connections with others strengthens our sense of resiliency and ultimately our happiness.
  • Take five minutes at least once a week and dance to your favorite happy song (Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” is my go- to dance tune right now). The increased oxygen intake will invigorate your cells and increase flow of healthy, celebrating neurotransmitters in the brain, and strengthens the immune system.
  • Change your “have to” to “get to.” Instead of “I have to go to the dentist,” practice, “I get to take care of my teeth and be healthy.” This can change the feeling in the body and mind right away, minimizing anxiety or anger.
  • Eat one meal or snack a day in a mindful way. Pay increased attention to the elements that helped the food to grow, think about everyone involved in harvesting and bringing food to your table. This can increase a sense of belonging and gratitude, which actually helps digestion and can heal the heart.
  • Make a special occasion out of a routine event. Wear your best clothes and celebrate Happy Tuesday over a home cooked meal; listen to your favorite music on the drive to work; thank your body for all it accomplishes as you get dressed.
  • Ask friends and family how they like to celebrate and do whatever brings joy to the heart— it will improve your mood and strengthen your body too!

Supporting Your Path to Celebration

The Center for Vitality and Balance offers services that can help you increase your sense of gratitude and celebration.

If you struggle with negative thought patterns that impact your life emotionally, socially, or relationships, therapy can be a great place to being processing your experiences and creating pathways of balance and vitality. Call today (630) 286-0993 for a consultation about how therapy may help you reach the peace of mind you seek.

Healing Touch is a powerful tool to help clear congested or blocked energy and the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, placing you in a position to self-heal.  Please call (630) 286-0993 today to discuss how Healing Touch can help you on your journey.

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