Bless Your Heart

My grandma used to say, “Bless your heart,” as a way to say thank you. Bless your own heart with this amazing recipe that includes the February favorite: chocolate! The antioxidants in the chocolate help support the immune system and heart function, while the quinoa and spinach support the blood with good B vitamins and iron. This delectable meal has great fiber to keep the heart pumping beautifully. So, go ahead and indulge in this recipe and feel your heart thank you back!

Warm Spinach Grain Bowls with Ricotta, Toasted Quinoa and Raw Chocolate


  • 1 cup quinoa

  • 1 ½ tsp kosher salt, divided

  • 4 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil

  • 2 Tbsp red wine vinegar

  • 2 tsp lemon juice

  • 1 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder

  • ¼ tsp ground black pepper

  • 4 ounces (about 4 cups packed) baby spinach

  • 2 carrots, peeled and shaved into thin strips

  • 1 small head radicchio, cored and chopped

  • 1 cup whole-milk ricotta

  • 2 Tbsp. raw, unsweetened cacao nibs


  • Preheat oven to 450◦ in a medium pot, bring quinoa, 1 tsp salt, and 2 cups water to a boil.

  • Cover, reduce heat to medium-low and cook 15 minutes. Set aside for 5 minutes, then uncover and stir in 1 Tbsp oil.

  • On a rimmed baking sheet, spread quinoa evenly and bake in lower part of oven, tossing halfway through, until toasted, about 10 minutes

  • Meanwhile, in a large bowl, whisk together remaining 3 Tbs oil, vinegar, lemon juice, cocoa powder, pepper and remaining ½ tsp salt.

  • Add spinach, carrots and radicchio; toss well.

  • Divide spinach mixture and quinoa evenly among 4 bowls. Top with dollops of ricotta. Sprinkle each with ½ Tbsp cacao nibs and serve!

Serving Data

Serves: 4, Per Serving – Calories: 348; Carbohydrates: 38g; Protein: 14g; Fat: 16g; Sodium: 520mg; Fiber: 5g

Recipe Source

O Magazine, February, 2017