Hope is Not a Destination

Thanks to those who reached out to share your personal hope and encouragement in response to my story and many of you shared your challenges and hope of longed for change. I am deeply grateful for my remarkable healing from a seemingly hopeless situation and a chance to share that with you. As life has unfolded since that time, I have learned that hope is not a destination but a path.

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Being relieved from illness wasn’t a free pass for the rest of my life. The joy of new found energy and renewed ease in my body equipped me to face the life ahead of me. Since that time of healing, I experienced loss of relationship, financial strain, death of people I love dearly, mass violence and shifts in my identity, both personal and professional. While there is a story behind each of those experiences, for now I will say that a lot of days I have wondered if I will ever “have it figured out.” Despite setbacks and heartbreak, I continue to hang on to hope and the belief that progress, not perfection, is what I can achieve.

The great and lasting gift from my healing is knowing that whatever happens in life is for my highest good. I have to practice allowing that good to flow to me and through me, which is where the rubber meets the road. My commitment to creating vitality and balance is a weekly, daily and, sometimes, moment by moment practice. For me, this includes daily journaling and meditation, meeting with a spiritual group during the week, studying new subjects, and limiting exposure to media violence. I have to move my body and feed myself whole and healthy food. It means speaking my truth to myself and others and allowing room for both play and work.

And sometimes I don’t stay on the path. I eat pizza, binge watching my next favorite Netflix show; I’m not disciplined with meditation and don’t sit for long or skip it all together. I’ll go days without physical activity and I can be downright lazy at times. And it’s all okay. Because I eventually feel the shifts in my mind, body and spirit and it is a chance to look at what took me off my path. It’s an opportunity to gently have a dialogue with myself about what I need and how to grow and increase vitality and balance.

When life is hard and when it is messy, there is always a solution and there is always something to be gained from every single experience. We can find and create transformation in our lives if we learn how to listen to ourselves and respond with awareness, compassion and loving kindness.
Where are you on your path? Are you eager to find the change you’ve been looking for? Are you ready to increase your vitality and balance? I’m here to help.


Therapy is a safe space to begin to explore past experiences and patterns and create new pathways towards freedom, balance and hope. 

Healing Touch is a gentle energy medicine that helps the client be in a position to self-heal. 

Nutrition Counseling can help clarify your body and mind, increasing your sense of vitality and resiliency.

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