The Gifts of Spring Cleaning

Spring is a bittersweet time for me. Secretly, I love the contraction of wintertime because it is the perfect season to retreat into simmering mode, let the body rest, allow the mind contemplate the previous seasons, and give the spirit rest in the quiet and dark of the winter sky. Spring, however, is messy – hallmarked by cacophony of eruptions. Spring brings the rain and the mud and the beginning of things unfurling without being complete. Despite the tempest, spring then brings blooms into the sweetest breath of air and clear blue skies so longed for throughout the gray and damp of winter. When spring announces its muddy, wet, vibrant, sloppy wonderful self, it signals me that it’s time to get out from hibernation and to begin movement towards cleaning out the body, clearing the mind, and revitalizing the spirit. Time to refresh and let new things grow.

Cleaning Your Body

Spring is a great time to purify the body from the heavy and fortifying foods needed in winter and to begin incorporating clean foods to support the liver, which helps the body detox. For me, this means creating a salad to eat each day with a light protein source (like white meat, fish, and eggs). I start adding green smoothies into my weekly routine and I cut down on starchy carbohydrates like squash, potatoes, and bulky whole grains. The greens and clean ingredients in salads and smoothies sweeps away any sluggishness in my tissues and organs and encourages vitality and clarity. The end result is an increased desire to move out of hibernation and joyfully join in refreshing physical activity.

Cleaning Your Space

I LOVE spring cleaning, and it is one way to help clear the mind.  There is a lot of information lately about how to de-clutter and keep life simple. The overarching theme is that a clean space is a clean mind, and I agree!  Spring is the optimal time to pack up winter clothes, clean out the pantry (and donate everything you don’t want to use) and decide anew what it is you want and enjoy in your space. The less congested my environment more freedom and flow of energy is available.

TIP: When cleaning out any space in your life, ask if you’ve used this item in the past year and/or if it brings you a sense of joy and peace.  If the answer is no to any of those question, pass the item along for re-use.  Free yourself from anything that doesn’t positively support you.

Cleaning Your Thoughts & Emotions

For me, an even more important step is to take a look at thoughts and feelings and to decide what might need to get cleaned out there too.  It is so easy to function from day to day not bringing awareness to our thoughts, feelings or even our experiences, creating a kind of numbness that limits our emotional and spiritual vitality.

I have a ritual where I take time and write down every negative thought on a slip of paper that I can catch floating around my mind.  Then, I take each thought, one by one, and ask:

  • Who told me this?
  • Do I believe it?
  • Is it something I need to change about myself or make amends for?
  • Do I need to keep repeating it to myself or can I let it go?

I then take one slip of paper at a time and replace the negative thought with an affirmation. For instance, if I caught a negative thought about being “too old”, I state “I am the perfect age for what I am doing right now.” Then light that piece of paper (and the negative thought) on fire (with extinguisher, water and a fire proof vessel on hand) and let it go. This ritual can take a few minutes or the better part of the day, but as I do it, I find that I have more room to nurture and grow the fruits I wish to bear, like love, patience, kindness and self-control.

Supporting Your Spring Cleaning

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