From the Bookshelf

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These books offer insight, guidance and inspiration for beginning or deepening the practice of meditation. 



Mindfulness is the practice of being in the present moment on purpose. These offerings support the art of bringing attention to the here and now to increase vitality and balance.


Mental Wellness

These writings offer insight into how the mind works and respond to stressors. They also outline ways to responds to mental and emotional needs to create improved health and vitality. 


Mind Body

These resources help teach us the power of the body and how to strengthen the mind-body connection to create greater health and balance in our lives. 


Guided Workbooks

These workbooks offer guidance and practical activities to open the doors to ourselves and how to create meaningful action that move us closer to our values and goals. 


Good Reads & Fiction

Fiction has a special of way of inspiring us and helping to find meaning because we see characters facing the same (or similar) challenges we personally face.


Health & Wellness

Full of research and tips for practicing a healthy lifestyle, these titles offer support at the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels.