Nutrition and Health Education

Nutritional assessment and guidance towards individual health goals can be part of creating vitality and balance.  Whether your desire is to use food to improve mood or to use diet to support your overall health, nutritional guidance can assist towards your goals. 

Services Include

  • Analysis and assessment of client generated on-line food logs
  • Assessment and monitoring established health goals
  • Guidelines and education to meet stated goals
  • Guided trips to the Grocery Store
  • Mindful Eating Education
  • Healthy Lifestyle Workshops

Nutrition consultation can be incorporated into the process of psychotherapy or as a stand-alone service.  Stand-alone nutrition and health education is a self-pay service. Call today for your free phone consultation and discuss how the Center for Vitality and Balance can help you move towards your best health.

Issues That Can be Addressed Include

  • Emotional Eating
  • Food and Mood
  • Creating Optimal Weight
  • Diet for Optimal Functioning

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